Shock and Audio's live room.

We are a recording studio. What does that mean?

It means a lot of things. It means we’re located in a commercial space in one of the best neighborhoods in Minneapolis. It means we’ve spent decades building our skills, learning about music, and listening (to bands, engineers, teachers, the radio). It means we’ve invested countless dollars and hours into our buildout, acoustic treatment, and equipment. It means we’ve got Pro Tools HD, a 24-track 2″ tape machine, a large-format console, and everything else you need to make an awesome recording.

It also means that we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best talent this city and country have to offer, and we’re looking forward to working with you.

Our list of recording clients includes:
2-Tone RuntsAnakata Combo, Beacon JamesThe Brass MessengersBrent Fuqua, Charles Hayes, Control Theory, Dave Pirner, The DropsteppersEgon DanielsonEmotFirst Communion AfterpartyThe HistronicJackLaugh, Kison, MagesMagic Celebration FactoryMichael BlandMN Ska Mixtape Vol. 1, Nsp, Phil SolemThe Prizefighters, Raccoon RaccoonSmall Kitchen Appliances, Soul AsylumStowawayThe SuperSmashers, Tommy BarbarellaTrees in Training, Umbrella BedVenus on Fire, and Walker West Music Academy.